Wills & Social Distancing

Everyone needs a will; coronavirus or not

We are still able to help you at this time

I need to make a will, but how can i do it when strict social distancing requirements have to be observed?

Current circumstances, locally, nationally and worldwide have generated an increased demand for wills. There are strict rules to observe, but the job can still be done thoroughly and quickly, without the need to meet face to face.

Once your will is constructed in a form that you are happy with, we can advise you about signatures and witnesses. The process can still be completed in compliance with social distancing requirements. Yes, the person making the will and 2 witnesses need to be present together when all signatures are added, but there are many ways to achieve this safely, keeping your distance via open windows, garden gates, etc. And, of course, washing hands

We can discuss the options with you, advise about all alternatives, make recommendations and reassure you that your wishes and preferences can be guaranteed.

Question 2:
What information is required to make a will?

Here are the basics, but we will advise in more detail – it is never a case of “one size fits all”;

  • Have you made a will previously and do you know where it is?
  • Figure out what you have in terms of assets and roughly what they are worth
  • Identify your beneficiaries; the “who gets what” plan – family, friends, charities, etc.
  • Choose your team; who do you trust to act as executors and follow the instructions in your will?
  • If you have young children, who would you wish to bring them up if you die before they are 18 years of age? – these people are called testamentary guardians
  • We can email a draft of your will and adjust it as many times as you like until it is in a form that you are happy with.

We will provide guidelines by email and/or explain the process over the telephone to make sure that the witness procedure is followed correctly

We won’t allow the service that we have provided to generations of families for 150 years to be compromised. Let us show you what we’re made of.

We have lawyers who are always accessible, by telephone 0191 2970011, email nm@kiddspoorlaw.co.uk or nd@kiddspoorlaw.co.uk or via skype.

Our patient, experienced solicitors remain available to take instructions

Contact Nigel Miller or Noel Dilks on 0191 2970011, or at nm@kiddspoorlaw.co.uk or nd@kiddspoorlaw.co.uk