There may be many reasons why you need to remortgage your property, however you will often be required to go through many of the same steps as during the original purchase.

Our property team at Kidd & Spoor Solicitors have been helping clients to remortgage their properties for over 30 years and can help you lock in that new rate. We have acted in transactions with a huge variety of mortgage companies, and we are on the panel for all major lenders and many bespoke mortgage companies too.

We will ensure that the necessary legal checks are carried out and will deal with the repayment of your existing mortgage (if any).

Kidd & Spoor Solicitors offer:

  • Fixed costs – no hidden fees
  • A dedicated experienced practitioner who will regularly update you
  • Extensive local knowledge of specific property issues e.g. Tyneside flats

Contact the team today on 0191 297 0011.