Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property developer, buying a property can be an extremely stressful and anxious time. At Kidd & Spoor we feel it is important that our clients understand the process and will always regularly update you throughout the transaction.

There are 3 stages to any purchase:

  1. You will make your offer on the property, usually via an estate agent. Once you have instructed us we will contact the seller’s solicitor to obtain the contract documentation. Following receipt of this we will investigate the title, make any necessary pre-contract enquires and submit your searches. You will also at this stage obtain your formal mortgage offer (if applicable).
  2. Next we will arrange for you to sign the relevant paperwork in connection with your purchase and you will need to transfer deposit funds to us. Contracts are then ‘exchanged’ and pre-completion searches will be carried out and enquires made. You will be required to pay the Land Registry fees and any Stamp Duty prior to completion.
  3. On the day of completion we will transfer the purchase money to your seller’s solicitor, who will confirm receipt and the property will then legally be yours. We will deal with any final administration issues such as paying your Stamp Duty and arranging for the title deeds to be changed.

We place a lot of emphasis on client care and will ensure that you are kept informed of any key updates or issues. Our property lawyers are happy to communicate via email, telephone or by post. You can contact the team on 0191 297 0011 or wb@kiddspoorlaw.co.uk