Powers of Attorney

No one expects to become incapable of looking after their own affairs but, regrettably, many people do. A Power of Attorney authorising another person (or persons) to act on your behalf can deal with that possibility.

Creating and operating a Power of Attorney is, however, a specialist task and that’s where Kidd & Spoor can help. We have vast experience in this area and will guarantee that nothing is left to chance.

Expert, professional advice is always to be recommended and our experienced team will explain matters simply; helping you to understand the options and implications involved in various courses of action.

There are two types of power of attorney; one that deals with property and finance and another that deals with health and care. We can explain the difference and provide you with examples of how they both work in practice, and why it is necessary to consider both.

Where a person does not have capacity, a deputy can be appointed.

Clearly everyone’s situation will differ so we invite you to tell us about your own particular circumstances, concerns and issues – let’s see what we can do to help you plan effectively for the future and resolve any problems that may arise. You can contact us on 0191 297 0011.