As an employer, your most important business asset is usually your staff. It is often also, your most expensive outlay. Where employers get things right in terms of staff, it means that the most appropriate person is recruited, retained and developed, but that they are also working productively and efficiently.

Where employers get things wrong, it can lead to low morale, slow productivity and sometimes employee absence from work. Employers will need to deal with employees who are not performing, or whose behaviour is deemed to be misconduct. Getting it wrong, can also lead to an employee making a claim at an employment tribunal, which will be both costly and stressful for an employer to deal with.

Whether you need help in making sure good staffing policies, procedures and employment contracts are in place; or whether there are staffing problems to be dealt with, we can offer you advice and support.

We can draft and review staff contracts and terms and conditions; draft settlement agreements; and draft and review HR policies and procedures.

We can work with employers in dealing with a specific concern about an employee, for example through a capability or disciplinary process.

We can advise and support in the event that a tribunal claim is made by an employee or a former employee.