Divorce & Separation

When a relationship breaks down, it can be a profoundly difficult time for you and your family. You may feel a great sense of loss, you may feel angry, out of control and very confused.

We know that divorce and separation is a traumatic time for couples and their children. Conflicts can intensify and turn toxic, which can damage relationships long term.

What we also know is that receiving early information and legal advice on your options can and will provide reassurance and give you the confidence to take the necessary next steps.

Our experienced specialist team understands the difficult situations and decisions you will face when you separate, and will provide you with clear straight forward advice, including how to resolve your situation using out of court options such as collaborative law, http://www.cflnorth.co.uk/, http://www.resolution.org.uk/collaborative/ and mediation http://www.resolution.org.uk/mediation/

We believe it is important to have a good working relationship so you will feel confident and comfortable with our specialist team representing you.

We appreciate that divorce and separation cause stress and anxiety and we will provide information in relation to non-legal support services such as family consultants and financial advisors to help you through what may be a difficult time.

You can contact us on 0191 297 0011.