Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

Divorce and Relationship BreakdownThe prospect of coping with Divorce or a Relationship Breakdown can be very daunting and distressing for all concerned.  Therefore, if this does occur, enlisting the services of sympathetic legal experts is essential to conclude matters as fairly and efficiently as possible.

Fixed Fee Divorce on Request

Our experienced team includes:

  • Law Society Family Panel membership
  • Law Society Children Panel membership
  • Resolution membership

As Resolution Members we are firmly committed to a non-confrontational means of resolving disputes and reaching timely, cost-effective agreements wherever possible.

We are also fully behind the Mediation process and will, if your case cannot be resolved, help you to engage the services of a recognised Mediator who will endeavour to reach a satisfactory agreement.  This can often prove to be a quicker and better means of resolution, without the need for expensive Court proceedings.

Additionally we are now able to offer Clients the option of taking the Collaborative Law approach – in partnership with our legal associates who are fully trained in the process.  This is a relatively new means to settling relationship centred disputes, backed by the Government, and aimed at resolving family matters in close consultation with your Solicitor, but without the uncertainty, need (and extra cost) of going to Court.

Our in-depth insight, gained over many years of dealing with relationship legal matters, enables us to appreciate and understand all sides of what is often a very emotional ordeal; allowing us to arrive at the best possible outcome for our clients.

We genuinely know how difficult these matters are to deal with so should you wish to use our services or if you have any questions whatsoever please contact us to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion regarding your own circumstances.