The collaborative law process is a non-court based process which helps you resolve issues following a separation, in a constructive non-court based setting.

You, your partner and your specially trained collaborative lawyers work together to find solutions which work for you and your family.

Crucially, an agreement called a Participation Agreement, is signed at the start of the process, reaffirming the commitment that no application will be made to the court.

The process belongs to you and not to the court. It moves at your pace and will provide bespoke long term solutions for you and your family.

As one of the specialist collaborative lawyers in the North East, Jo Scott, would be more than happy to discuss whether the collaborative law approach can work for you and your family

Mediation is another non-court based option to resolve issues when you separate. Running alongside specialist legal advice, mediation can be used to discuss matters regarding your children and financial matters.

As trained mediator, Jo Scott will always discuss non-court based options with you.