Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Asset Protection and Estate PlanningIn these difficult economic times we all need to protect our assets; planning carefully and sensibly for retirement and beyond.  Unfortunately many of us simply forget or develop a tendency to put matters off until “later” …. when, really, we know we shouldn’t.

Similarly, as we grow older, none of us wants to consider losing the home we worked so hard to establish to pay for care fees but, sadly, it does happen.  We can help to prevent this possibility. A carefully constructed trust can help.

Effective Estate planning, in conjunction with a carefully drawn Will, can help to save you and your loved ones (and/or close associates) time, money and anxiety …. not to mention possible disagreements with the Tax man!

No two situations are ever the same so we invite you to tell us about your own particular circumstances, concerns and issues – we’ll see what we can do to help you plan effectively for the future and resolve any problems you may foresee.

Potentially these are complex areas to deal with so you will need expert advice.

Please don’t worry though, our experienced team will explain matters clearly and simply; helping you to understand the pros, cons and implications of the various approaches available.

If you wish to enlist our services or have any questions you’d like to ask, please contact us in total confidence to arrange an informal, initial discussion.