Conveyancing and Property Law

BuyingConveyancing and Property Law your first home or moving to a new one can be very exciting, but also quite stressful, even if everything goes to plan!  Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be worrying about at such times are the legal conveyancing aspects of your move or acquisition. Read more

Criminal Law

Criminal LawUnderstandably, we all hope never to break the Law or require legal assistance for Criminal Law under such circumstances, but you can never be sure what’s around the corner. Read more

Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

Divorce and Relationship BreakdownThe prospect of coping with Divorce or a Relationship Breakdown can be very daunting and distressing for all concerned.  Therefore, if this does occur, enlisting the services of sympathetic legal experts is essential to conclude matters as fairly and efficiently as possible. Read more

Family and Child Care

Family and Child CareRegrettably, family relationships can often experience problems and, under certain circumstances, will completely disintegrate.  When this happens there are generally wide-ranging implications for those concerned involving finances, property, possessions and – most importantly – your Family and Child Care. Read more

Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

WillsStatistics tell us that 60% of the population don’t have Wills, which is a remarkable figure as clearly we all need one. Read more

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Asset Protection and Estate PlanningIn these difficult economic times we all need to protect our assets; planning carefully and sensibly for retirement and beyond.  Unfortunately many of us simply forget or develop a tendency to put matters off until “later” …. when, really, we know we shouldn’t. Read more