Recent Scams

Last updated: 25th Nov 2020

We would like to share some intelligence with you all on some scams we’ve seen recently, where criminals are impersonating Solicitors to obtain funds fraudulently.

This is a known scam and one which Solicitors already warn and educate buyers on, however, we have seen some high value cases recently and suspect this will continue as sales have soared.

  • The criminals are researching property sales to identify property buyer and Solicitor managing the sale
  • Once they have the information they need, they set up email accounts very similar to the genuine Solicitors. From a glance they look genuine, but may have an extra or missing letter or punctuation mark
  • In one instance the criminals have also called the buyer purporting to be from the Solicitors
  • The criminal communicates with the buyer usually through the email which has been set up and provides invoices and account details for the payments to be made to