Networking – Do we need it in our toolbox?

Networking is a key skill that we need to hone.

Networking should be found in every lawyer’s toolbox.

From  Trainee Solicitor to  Senior Partner it is a great way to meet new contacts. It is also a positive way of striking up new business relationships and get your firm’s name out there.

It isn’t just about chatting to as many people as possible. Clients will only use a firm of solicitors that they trust. Networking helps to build this trust and puts a face to the legal service we provide.

Our Trainee Solicitor Philip Walker has recently begun attending a small local breakfast networking group.

He reported back that he felt completely ambushed  the first time he attended. He had to give a brief 2 minute speech all about what Kidd & Spoor do.

With hindsight, however he felt that it was probably best that he didn’t know about it. Otherwise he would have thought about it too much before!

Philip was really surprised at the amount of business that is referred internally between the fairly small group of members.  All bases are covered and it seems there is a person there for every business need.

Before Philip started with Kidd & Spoor, he had done very little, if any, networking. He therefore wasn’t quite sure what to expect when he first started attending the events.

Aside from ‘selling’ himself and Kidd & Spoor, he found the most interesting part was hearing about other people’s backgrounds. As someone still in the early stages of his legal career he firmly believes that there is much to be learnt from other professionals.

Philip has said to us: ‘Networking, like all skills, is one that must be honed. The more events you attend the more natural it becomes. I, for one, am looking forward to building on it with every event I attend’.