Magical Time for Some… Difficult Time for Others

Christmas can be a magical time for families. It can also be a very difficult time for others. Loneliness, bereavement and separation can be hugely challenging and Christmas can intensify feelings of loss and sometimes despair.

When you have separated, communication often becomes hard, but discussions with your ex around Christmas are needed more than ever. Who is going to buy which presents, how much are each of you going to spend, and how the children share their time with each of you (and extended families) over the Christmas period can seem impossible.

These issues are important and many people worry about them in the months leading up to Christmas.

Can you have those conversations without them turning into a shouting match or a stand off? The answer is yes. How you have those conversations is undoubtedly the more important question.

Often, when couples argue, they are repeating earlier arguments they have had. It can seem difficult to break an impasse, and even more difficult to have a constructive conversation without it becoming emotional or fraught with anger.

Receiving information and advice at an early stage is invaluable. It allows the discussions you need to have to be put in a legal context which can often break a deadlock and inevitably, taking a constructive approach is the most appropriate way forward.

If you are starting to dread the conversations you need to have before Christmas, or the issues you may face over the festive period and want to know what your options are moving forward, then we will be able to help

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