I want to move out of the area – can I take the children ?

In what may seem like a typical legal response; the answer is maybe.

If you and your ex can agree arrangements for your children, then the answer is probably yes, you can move out of the area with the children.  It is important to have the permission before you move, and it is probably a very good idea to have it in writing.

The harder cases are where one parent wants to move out of the area with the children and the other parent won’t give their permission.  Often, these cases involve a Court application.  The Court will take many factors into account, to include whether the moving parent has a settled intention, so a house to move into, a job to go to, maybe a support network when they get there. 

The Court will always say that the child’s welfare, however, is of paramount importance.

These cases are difficult.  Very often, emotions run high.

If you are thinking of a move, or if you anticipate your ex may be thinking of relocating, it is probably better to get some early legal advice. 

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