Emotional Readiness

Are you ready to separate?

Are you feeling pressurised into making decisions?

Are you feeling frustrated at the lack of progress?

Very often, when couples separate or divorce, it is the
decision of only one party.  Sometimes, difficulties have been bubbling up
for a while but when one party makes the final decision to separate, even if it
is anticipated, it can feel like a hammer blow.  Sometimes, one party has
absolutely no idea that a separation is imminent and when it happens, it can be
heart breaking.

In either of these circumstances, we often find  that
the person who has made the decision to separate is ready to move things
forward particularly in relation discussions
about children and separating finances.  The other party however, is still
trying to come to terms with the news.  They can then feel harassed,
 or even bullied into making decisions
which they don’t feel ready to make.  The “decider” can then feel
frustrated at what is then perceived as a lack of progress.  This is the
time when  one party will often feel
 that the only answer to  “move things forward” is to apply to
court proceedings.

Recognising that one party is not quite ready to deal with matters can be significant.  Allowing that person some time to process the reality of the relationship is ending, can be beneficial for many reasons, not least of which is to avoid sometimes un-necessary court proceedings.

Give the experience of the family team at Kidd & Spoor, we are very used to looking out for emotional readiness and factoring that into the advice we give.  Given the qualifications the family team at Kidd & Spoor have, we are best placed to talk to you about what options you have moving forward, whether that be the collaborative approach, mediation or whether Court proceedings are necessary and unavoidable.