Common Law Marriage: Fact or Fiction?

There is no such thing as a Common Law Marriage. Married couples have different rights than couples in a relationship who are living together.

If your relationship breaks down, you may expect and need to receive financial support from your ex-partner at what would be a very difficult time. You may find it difficult to obtain that support, including being able to stay in your own home.

Some couples make agreements, called a Cohabitee Agreement before they begin living together or at any time during their relationship. This avoids uncertainty should they separate in the future. They can also make provision for each other in their wills. This is something that we would recommend and can help you with.

If you separate and don’t have a formal agreement we can help you to hopefully negotiate and reach an agreement. Obtaining advice and information about your options at an early stage is always a good idea.

Our family team at Kidd & Spoor are very experienced solicitors, Collaborative Family Lawyers and Mediators.