Care Fees: The Mythical 7 Year Time Limit

Putting aside the politics (and that can be difficult at the best of times) all of us need to think carefully about future care, whether it is for ourselves, our parents or our grandparents.

Whatever your colours, the only clear news from the government is that the rules are not clear. There is so much information in the media, exchanged in conversation and broadcast daily that confusion has spread very quickly.

In one sense the publicity surrounding social care is positive, because it is generating debate. It has started to make us all consider the reality of care seriously. On the other hand, many of the rumours and political messages are not accurate and, in some cases, misleading. There is NO 7 year time limit. In fact there are no time limits at all.

At Kidd & Spoor we have been striving to deal with many misconceptions and misunderstandings about care costs, financial assessment rules and connected issues for decades. We have succeeded where many others have not. There are complexities but they can be simplified.

There is nothing more rewarding than the smile on a client’s face when they understand how we can help them, and when “niggles” that they have been worrying about disappear, like the mythical 7 year time limit.

Whatever happens at Westminster may or may not trigger rule changes, but that will take time. Whilst the politicians continue to express their differences, the law and regulations remain unchanged.

Come and see one of the team at Kidd & Spoor, or we can visit you at home. First meetings are always free and without obligation. Don’t be afraid to talk it over with us. We have the experience and expertise, and we can help. It won’t cost you a penny to discuss it, but it could save your family a fortune.