Collaborative Law

Attending court can be a very daunting process for most people. There is an alternative. Collaborative Family Law allows you and your Collaboratively trained solicitor, together with your partner and their Collaboratively trained solicitor to work together in a positive and amicable way without having to set foot in a court.


Attending court for family proceedings is daunting for most people. There is an alternative. Mediation is a process where you and your partner, either in the same room or in separate rooms, work with an Accredited Family Mediator to agree joint proposals to resolve your issues. You can use Mediation to discuss and agree a fair division of your assets on Separation or Divorce and/or to help you agree proposals to allow your children to spend time with both of you in an appropriate and safe way. These disputes are therefore resolved by you both, out of court.

Great North Run – Too late to back out now…

Great North Run

As her number has now arrived, one of our family secretaries, Chloe, prepares to take on the 2019 Great North Run.

She is running for Cancer Research UK, as the disease effects almost every one of us in many ways. It’s time to turn up the training with just only four weeks left until the main event!!

She is super excited and nervous at the same time – Good luck Chloe!!


Annual Golf Day Event

Golf Day

Kidd & Spoor Solicitors held their annual golf day on Friday 2nd August 2019 at Tynemouth Golf Club. The event was attended by 20 teams of golfers who enjoyed a great afternoon of golf and hospitality at the nineteenth hole. The attendees were very complimentary about the course condition and the catering provided. A raffle raised £585 for Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity and Noel Dilks and Nigel Miller, directors of Kidd and Spoor, wish to thank all those who attended and contributed generously.

Protecting Your Assets

We’re told these days that people are living longer. While this is a good thing, it also means that people can end up in care for much longer which can be expensive. At Kidd & Spoor we have the expertise to advise you how to protect the assets you have worked hard to earn so you don’t have to lose them should you end up in care.