A Day in the Life……


In a busy Conveyancing department the candle certainly burns at both ends, with the aim to get every transaction completed to our clients’ satisfaction.  I communicate with various people on a daily basis varying from clients, estate agents, Solicitors, mortgage advisors and the Land Registry, keeping everyone in the chain up to date with the current state of play in each case, all the while ensuring everyone is satisfied. 

As a Conveyancing Assistant, whether clients prefer contact by telephone, email, or to meet face-to-face, I make it my duty to meet their demands, and will always make time to discuss a case.

With the often hectic nature of the department, inevitably there tends to be a steady flow of incoming calls and emails.  As much as this has the ability to interrupt workflow, it is my responsibility to prioritise all incoming correspondence and respond to all parties in a timely and satisfying manner.

The one question I hear most frequently from clients is “how long will the process take,” or “is there a completion date yet?” In short, there is no definitive answer.  As much as timescales can be estimated, we cannot at the outset foresee any or all issues that may or may not arise.  In that sense, every day is different from one another in Conveyancing.  Each case is unique and raises its own questions.  The positive, (and I know I’m not alone in saying this), is finding that I am constantly learning on the job.

In this role you quickly learn how stressful moving home can be.  Therefore, yes, the workload can appear daunting at times, but to hear a satisfied customer at the end of a transaction makes it all worthwhile.   

I thoroughly enjoy working in the Conveyancing team, the work it brings and the dedication the team put in together.  

Since beginning work at Kidd & Spoor, and in spite of the vast quantity of cases, the calming approach of the department has impressed me, and certainly alleviates any stresses of the job.