A Day in the Life…

Admin Apprenticeship

I am currently on an Admin Apprenticeship at Kidd and Spoor Solicitors.

As your average teenager, I enjoy being active and also spending time with my friends when not in work. Before I started this Admin Apprenticeship, I was very sports orientated and didn’t really have a career path in mind.

One of the main reasons I chose this Admin Apprenticeship is that I had completed a week’s work experience at another firm and thought that this career path was the one for me. Also my family, especially my mam, provided me with a huge amount of support that helped me to focus and pursue the job.

My day often goes like this…

Once sat at my desk all “prepped” and ready to go, I will firstly check my notepad for my list of what I need to do or things that I could have missed the day before. This helps me to keep organised in this busy but exciting job!

After checking the list, I will then prioritise my jobs so that I know what needs doing urgently. As I work for a solicitors’ firm, I am in charge of answering calls to existing or new clients and organising appointments for solicitors.  This gives me a sense of responsibility. I generally need to use Filos (the system we use to set up and organise files) and access calendars for each solicitor, as well as having a great telephone manner.

Another task I do on a daily basis is open files on the computer system and prepare client care packs to be sent out to new clients, for the conveyancing department. When doing this it is important to organise everything in a professional way as these documents will be going out to clients. I then note down each new file in a log on the database so we can keep track of the numbers of new clients that each solicitor gets each month. The file and documents are then checked before being sent out to clients.

Every day is different as I will not necessarily do the same jobs each day. Some days I will be opening files; other days I will be scanning, filing and copying meaning that I never get sick of doing just one task day in day out.

Ever since joining Kidd and Spoor I have felt part of the team and never feel excluded because I’m an apprentice, which can sometimes happen. I think the firm really values its apprentices and treats them as they would any other employee, making them feel very welcome, and they offer valuable support and advice.

The part I enjoy most about my job is having some freedom and a great team around me that encourages and supports what I do to help me better myself. I feel that my colleagues have been a huge help and teach me about business administration and what it takes to succeed further down the line.

I’m not sure yet exactly what I want in the future, but I am currently really enjoying my time here and hopefully during my admin apprenticeship I can show and prove myself enough to have earned a permanent job role come the end of it.

Overall, doing a Business Apprenticeship is brilliant and I have had an excellent time so far. I leave the office at the end of every day knowing that I’ve achieved something.